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After a long winter, your AC may decide to not start up. After all, it’s been sitting outside in this pest of a Calgary and Edmonton weather. Can you blame it? On a serious note, it’s more common than you think.

Lucky for you, our certified technicians are well knowledgeable and equipped to solve any AC issue that you may be encountering. Especially in cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto weather plays a big role on your HVAC units but not to worry – you’re in good hands!

Another common time for air conditioners to require repair is during those terribly hot summer nights when the heat is so unbearable and the sweat is dripping.

Did you know? We are on call 24/7 for any emergency that you may encounter. We don’t believe that emergency furnace repair is the only urgency that one should have and we are at your service even during those hot summer nights. After all, your comfort is our priority.

Brands for AC repair: all of them!

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